Cartes Maximum

Publishing OFTIS Usti nad Orlici extended range of special and very interesting collecting material - the cartes maximum (CM) and postcards with přítiskem. Around the publisher creates a club of candidates in the initial preparation of the application for issuance of a limited number celinových postcards with přítiskem regional themes.


Cartes Maximum – Nordic World Ski Champions Liberec 2009In so-called maximafilii brings together two related disciplines, and Deltiology and philately. Cartes maximum, less common names analogue cards, develops as a discipline since the end of the 90th of the 19th century. The basis of the unity between the three unique attributes of the picture postcard image of a postage stamp and postmark theme (the image).

Cartes Maximum – Relikviář sv. MauraIn compiling the exhibit pays standard international principles. Postage stamp to be valid, not beforehand impaired, stamped, and must be glued to the side of a postcard image. Picture postcard dimensions must meet the standards of the Universal Postal Convention (maximum 120 x 170 mm, less than 90 x 140 mm) and the image must consist of at least 75% of its area. Illustrations should be as much as possible consistent with the motif stamps, or at least one, if the picture more themes. Not be used pictures of postcards showing the mark. The image of the stamp and its location, name the post office should have a close and direct relationship to the theme of the picture postage stamps and postcards, relationship time, local or Topical. The stamp must be dated from the period of validity of the mark as close to the date of issue. Daily stamp on topographical postcards should be feeding mail from the illustrated positions, the art gallery located postcards, promotional postcards at the date of events etc.

Cartes Maximum – 150. výročí bývalé Jihoseveroněmecké spojovací dráhy z Pardubic do LiberceEverything is located on one side of a postcard to each other. From this it is clear that the creation of the greatest figurative unity theme stamps and postcards, which have a narrow local time relation to the postal stamp (casual or ordinary) is quite simple. Ideal when the postmark bears the same subject, probably done by only maximkarty official release, such as the Czech Post.

Cartes Maximum – Cisterciácký klášter Vyšší BrodIf someone wants to create cartes maximum, must start with the mark to which there is a postcard with the theme. If the postcard does not exist, it can be issued, but should be free to sell at least 14 days prior to the mark. If the mark is composed of several motives, it is appropriate to find a postcard to each separately. If the sign detail, it is good to find the whole picture. Complicated is to find links to portraits. Here you can use date of birth, death, birth, death, etc. His importance is the occasional stamp of important events. They are always given priority over ordinary day stamp.

Strangeness and fantasy in the concentration of all three parts of the collectors value most. Personal exhibition of the interesting specimen. In France, which are issued special interest catalogs.

Collector CM not passive, but is involved in the plot origin. Although not to mention considerable time burden. Once detected signs of the planned presentation, it must start collecting the cards. This does not stop anything, it remains the right stamp, which can be obtained only for a limited time.

Cartes Maximum – Spejbl a HurvínekFirst International Congress maximafilie be held on 11 to 14 September 1947 in France. Maximafilisté been recognized by the Congress top FIPA organization philatelists in Amsterdam in 1977. Analog cards have since been included in international shows and collecting field is gradually developing in the Czech Republic. Since 1994, Czech Post issued cartes maximum each year.


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